Dear Friends,

Welcome to my Caralluma Review.

First off, I’m glad you found my site. I was in the same place you were not too long ago. I was fed up with feeling like I wasn’t my best self. I was fed with feeling sluggish and tired all the time. And mostly, I was fed up with the feeling that other people were looking down on me in some way (ha, if they only knew how hard I’ve worked at this over the years).

Well, something has changed all that for me, and I want to share what it is.

To give you a hint, here is a video about Caralluma I found online:

Pretty impressive, right? I thought so too.

When I decided in January that it was time to open a new chapter in my life, I came online to find a solution (sound familiar?). Some of the first “secrets” I read about were two new products from cactus extracts that people like me were having success with. These products were Hoodia and Jojoba.

Cactus extracts work by naturally reducing food cravings, which have always been my biggest pitfall, without the need for powerful stimulants (I drink enough caffeine at work as it is). I thought great, here is a place to start.

Then I read about a new edible cactus extract from India called Caralluma. Apparently tribal hunters there have been using it for centuries to suppress hunger on long hunts. Here’s something that’s been used for hundreds of years to minimize the feeling of hunger. Interesting idea!

Well, I decided to look into it more, and it turns out that in India, where the cactus plant is from, they did small clinical trials a few years ago that proved it could be an effective appetite suppressant in overweight users. And since they had already been eating it for years, they knew there were no known side effects!

carallumabottle 163x300 HomeI was sold. Well, almost. There were still a lot of choices on the market. What finally pushed me to the point of trying Caralluma was that Caralluma Actives was offering a FREE TRIAL! I figured, why not try it out? So I did…

And (drum roll please), I’m proud to admit that it’s working! I still have a few more pounds to shed to reach my original goal, but Caralluma has really been helping me control my cravings, which is the first step to losing weight.

Don’t get me wrong though – when I set out to lose weight, I meant it. Caralluma hasn’t been doing all of the work icon smile Home I’ve also committed myself to eating healthier food with more fiber (another tip I learned online) and going out for walks at lunch time. I always imagined that I would be too exhausted at work to try to get exercise on my lunch break, but the Caralluma must be helping with that as well. I suppose you could go after work too if lunch is inconvenient. But hey, finding 30-45 minutes of time a few days a week is easy once I knew I wasn’t going to eat all of my hard work back as soon as I was done.

Anyway, where was I? Ah, right…the Caralluma Free Trial. Truly a God sent.

Try it out, and if you honestly don’t think it’s working, you can cancel anytime before the two week trial is up. I thought I would, but once I started to take Caralluma and finally felt confident about losing weight, I stayed with them. It was enough that I also thought I should share my experience with you on this Caralluma Review site.

So that’s it. I hope some of you find it helpful, and I wish you luck with all of your weight loss goals!


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